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Civil litigation is when a personal claim, not criminal, is taken through the court system.

It is important to consider that litigation can be lengthy and costly. Spartak Law can advise you thoroughly throughout the process.

We are here to assist clients involved in disputes whether they are public or private, civil or legal disputes. Our civil litigation solicitors team will help with practical advice be it through negotiation or the Civil, County or High Court.

Our clients have found that having an experienced Civil Litigation Solicitor supporting them can make all the difference in gaining a speedy and positive resolution to disputes. We never forget that our clients are spending their money to correct a wrong or defend themselves from claims.

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Spartak Law Professional Corporation


Spartak Law Professional Corporation


Spartak Law Professional Corporation

Spartak H. Weber

Barrister, Solicitor & Notary Public
There are many types of claims

Spartak Law can assist in many areas including the following:

Building Disputes

Boundary Disputes

Disputes with Neighbours

Consumer Rights

Tenancy Deposit Protection

Contractual Disputes

Landlord and Tenant Issues


Professional Negligence

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